Our Services

Illinois Phlebotomy Services is solely devoted to law enforcement agencies. Through our service, we are able to alleviate the obstacles that come with obtaining specimens. Above all, we provide peace of mind with safe, convenient, and budget-friendly mobile phlebotomy services.

IPS provides

Blood and Urine specimen are collected

On-site employee drug testing for law enforcement agencies

Phlebotomy staffing for DUI checkpoints

Phlebotomist will appear in court, when needed

IPS phlebotomists travel to your location; police department or hospital. If a hospital is refusing, our phlebotomist will obtain the specimen.

We answer calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays!

Our arrival time is within an hour of the call, guaranteeing to be the fastest mobile phlebotomy service.

Our phlebotomists are highly experienced and specifically trained for forensic phlebotomy

Our phlebotomy procedures follow ASCP & NHTSA Law Enforcement Phlebotomy.

We provide all supplies, including the BU-IL2 kit.

Each IPS phlebotomist understands the importance of court and is not afraid of going to court to justify the case.


We travel to your police department or hospital. We are 100% mobile!


Our phlebotomist will be at your department within the hour.


Trained forensic phlebotomist ensures the integrity of the specimen.

No Stress!

All you have to do is make the call and we do the rest!